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We know that solutions must be available everywhere all the time, this is a fundamental feature for the efficiency of processes in the modern organizations


We know that you should only pay as you use the solutions and let the technological team provide the best service, allowing you to focus on your business


We know that all your solutions are part of your workflow and contribute to the efficiency and performance of your business so our solution talk to all of them

Our solutions


Audit & Quality Management Solution
Compliance, Risk, Performance & Change Evaluation

  • Manage and control full cycle audit process
  • Build integrated workflow for planning, approvals, verification and control
  • Identify ownership and corrective action management
  • Effective findings and observations communication
  • Due dates and deadlines automatic notification (e-mail/sms)
  • Integration of Internal and Standard Norms and protocols
  • Quality and performance increase audit needs
  • Ability of internal audit to add value to growth and innovation
  • Operations normalization and standardization
  • Regulators pressure with new norms for quality and compliance
  • Improve and manage communication with all stakeholders
  • Manage and address evidence and findings and issue tracking
  • Build flexible, visual representation and consolidate reporting
  • Web based and mobile platform
  • Cloud/SaaS hosted and OEM model
  • Integration with internal and external platforms
  • Communication and collaboration with all the stakeholders
  • Management of compliance, risk, performance, change and audit rules
  • Management of issues, evidences, findings and exceptions
  • Management of Multi-Year/non-regular audits and engagement resources
  • Library of Norms, standards, internal controls, processes and checklists
  • Library of Objectives, Risks, Controls and Tests
  • Dashboard by user type, profile and function
  • Powerful, visual and flexible reporting


Logistics & Inventory Management Solution
Full-cycle visibility from Award to Warehousing

  • Integrated management from award to delivery and warehousing
  • Real-time visibility, collaboration, communication knowledge and control across suppliers network
  • Online planning and scheduling between requester and supplier with full control of partial orders delivery
  • Global Visibility on internal platforms movements
  • Evaluation of item/service delivery for supplier classification
  • Inventory management integrated in supply chain process
  • Full-cycle supply chain integrated visibility
  • Integration with internal and external platforms
  • Deliveries schedule Supplier acknowledge control
  • Importance of Automation of replenishment in supply chain process
  • Supplier Evaluation in all phases of supply chain
  • Stakeholders collaboration in all the phases of the process
  • Web based and mobile platform
  • Cloud/SaaS hosted and OEM model
  • Integration with internal and external platforms
  • On-line Planning and schedule
  • Event notifications to all stakeholders
  • Track, control and qualify total and partial deliveries
  • Powerful and flexible reporting
  • Barcoding/ QR / RFID
  • Multiple warehouse, logistics and cost centres organization
  • Full control over availability of spare parts and existences in warehouses


Supplier Qualification & Evaluation Management Solution
Risk Mitigation & Best Practices Implementation

  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Uncover and remove hidden waste and cost drivers in the supply chain
  • Leverage the supply base
  • Align buyer and supplier business practices
  • Mitigate risk
  • Improve supplier performance
  • Increase performance visibility
  • Buyers do not know how their suppliers are performing
  • Supply chain is full of inefficiencies
  • Difficulty in transmitting the best practices between buyers and suppliers
  • Not having Insight of suppliers increase financial and operational risk
  • Hard to leverage the suppliers based on their capabilities
  • Web based and mobile platform
  • Cloud/SaaS hosted and OEM model
  • Integration with internal and external platforms
  • Easy Comunication and collaborative solution
  • Creation of collaborative internal and external surveys
  • Evaluation based on all stages of Supply Chain process
  • Evaluation based on supply categories and geographical analisys
  • Configured KPI and multi-vector analisys
  • Flexible creation of comparison charts based on historical data and performance evaluation

Building value added solutions and delivering efficient integration platforms

About us

Clearis is an IT company with the major focus on consulting, integrating and developing solutions and platforms to address and solve strategic issues and increment operational efficiency, flexibility and control visibility to companies.

Our vision as consulting company results from the reunion of several resources coming from the business market, that give us the capacity to easily understand and address the needs and issues of our customers and technological partners, designing and implementing solutions with great value added.

Our vision as integration company results from the perspective that technology, as a tool, needs to work in collaboration with several solutions to fulfil the global purpose of our costumers and technological partners.

Because we have a clear understanding of our role in the integrated value chain, we see our customers as our partners and we work to optimize the investments in their technology, incrementing the operational efficiency of the existing platforms.

Our vision as solution provider results from the need to address major issues not solved by the legacy solutions but working integrated with those solutions and adding strategic and operational value to the customers business.

Based on these premises we have several solutions/platforms that can be implemented, hosted or cloud based and integrated in the global IT platform of our customers:

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large (World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

We are looking for social responsibility initiatives that can guarantee involvement and participation from our employees and organization.

Please tell us more about your project.

Environmental responsibility refers to the belief that organizations should behave in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.

Ethical responsibility is concerned with ensuring an organization is operating in a fair and ethical manner. Organizations that embrace ethical responsibility aim to practice ethical behaviour through fair treatment of all stakeholders, including leadership, investors, employees, suppliers, and customers.

Philanthropic responsibility refers to a business’s aim to actively make the world and society a better place.

Economic responsibility is the practice of a firm backing all of its financial decisions in its commitment to do good in Environmental, Ethical & Philanthropic areas. The end goal is not to simply maximize profits, but make sure the business operations positively impact the environment, people, and society.